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Thank you for purchasing our extension. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this document, do not hesitate to leave us an email via

Created: 08/11/2016 | By: Magenest | Support Portal:



Alipay Cross-border Payment Gateway And Subscriptions extension by Magenest is the great tool that provides seamless payment experience between your Magento 2 store and the Alipay Cross-border Payment Gateway.

Features For Admins

  • A lot of features is included in the extension that you can tweak to make it best suit your business, including:

    • New order status.

    • Email customer.

    • Support Alipay account
    • Allowed country.

    • Order total threshold.

  • Easily manage orders.

  • Easily capture, cancel and refund payments

Features For Customers

    • The primary aim of the extension is to deliver the most fluent and effortless payment experience to the customers:

      • Easily checkout using their Alipay account.

System Requirements

 Your store should be running on Magento 2 Open Source and Ecommerce 2.1.x., 2.2.x




Set up Alipay Account 

You will need an Alipay merchant account to receive a Partner ID and Security Code

Set Up The Integration On Magento 2 

Navigate to your Backend of Magento 2 -> Stores >Configuration>Sales> Payment Methods -> Alipay




Set up some configurations such as below table:



Enabled: Set to yes to enable Alipay.


Sandbox Mode Enabled:Enable Test Mode 


Partner ID Test& Key Test: Your IDs from Alipay.

When done, please press Save Configuration, your configuration is ready to use.

Main Functions

For Customer

After Adding items to cart Customer can click Go to Checkout under the Cart button to process.

Customer can enter a new Address or use the previous one.


After Clicking on Continue to Payment.Customer will be redirected to Alipay Payment page. 


Next, entering account to log in Alipay Payment.

   Display Payment Success:

To view Order you click Sales->Orders->View:



When customer wants to refund product, you click Sales-> Invoices

Next, choose invoice and click Credit Memo and press Refund


Click View to see information about Refunded product.



            All of the payment's process operate in Alipay 's payment site, not in Magento.


  • When a new update is available, we will provide you with a new package containing our updated extension.

You will have to delete the module directory and repeat the installing steps above.

  • Flush the config cache. Your store and newly installed module should be working as expected.



  • We will reply to support requests after 2 business days.
  • We will offer lifetime free update and 6 months free support for all of our paid products. Support includes answering questions related to our products, bug/error fixing to make sure our products fit well in your site exactly like our demo.
  • Support DOES NOT include other series such as customizing our products, installation and uninstallation service.


Once again, thank you for purchasing our extension. If you have any questions relating to this extension, please do not hesitate to contact us for support.

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