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This Page will guide you through the process that you will have to go through for us to perform the Installation Service (extra $50 on the base price) for all of our extension!

Option 1: Provide Information via Email

After purchasing our Extension with Installation Service, please contact us at with the information down below:

  • Your Order ID
  • SSH Access
  • Back-end Admin Access
  • Directory Path to your Magento 2 installation. This is IMPORTANT, please get the path correct the Default Path is: \var\www\html\public_html
  • Attached the order confirmation email from our store or Magento Marketplace



Host :
User Name : thisisguest
Password : jkasd(*&asd9)(!
Root directory : \var\www\html\public_html
[Port] : 2231


Option 2: Provide Information via our Support Portal

After purchasing our Extension with Installation Service, please navigate to, sign up for an account if you do not have one already. Then submit an Installation Ticket with the following information form:

  • Summary: Installation Service for [Extension Name + Edition] (i.e: Installation Service for Sage Payment and Subscription CE)
  • Description: Your Order ID
  • Priority: High
  • Admin Panel Information: SSH Acess, Back-end Admin Access, Directory Path to Magento 2 Installation
  • Invoice Number: Your Order Invoice Number


Our Installation Service will be carried out in 2 Business-day time


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