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Created: October 28, 2020 | By: Magenest | Support Portal:


Notification box for Magento 2 is a useful tool that informs your customers about important news such as order status updates, new products, available promotions & discounts, etc. in real-time in a quick and effective manner.


Features for admin

Features for customers

System Requirements

Your store should be running on Magento CE EE 2.3.x, 2.4


(plus) On the admin sidebar, go to Stores > Configuration > Magenest > Notification Box 

General Settings

(plus) General:

(warning)  Note: Your site has to have SSL to enable the Notification box extension.

(plus) Subscriptions Popup:

Apart from the default permission popup from the browser, the admin could also encourage customers to sign up for the newsletter via browser web push through Subscription Popup

(plus) Web push notifications:

(plus) Notification Box:

Notification Types

All generated types of notification will be saved here

Admin can add new notifications type or edit available notification types.

On the admin sidebar, go to Notification Box > Notification Types

(plus) Add new notification type

(plus) Three default notification types

Notification Information

(plus) On the Admin sidebar, go to Notification Box > Notification

(plus) Admin can add new notifications or edit available notifications.

(warning) Note: Guest will not receive the default notification type.

(plus) Edit notifications

(plus) Add new notifications

(plus) Set a time to send notifications


View report in a specific time, about number of Total Subscribers, Total Unsubscribers and customers’ actions.

On the admin sidebar, go to Notification Box > Report

(plus) Subscribers

(plus) Web Push: Statistics of types of notifications, the number of notification was sent through Firebase, the total number of clicks on Firebase notifications.

APIs for the Notification Box module

(plus) Register token API

Get token for Guest

“Token”:”your token get from firebase”,

“deviceId”:”device id”


Get token for Customer

“Token”:”your token get from firebase”,

“deviceId”:”device id”


 +Type: Bearer token

+Token: customer token

(plus) Get customer notification

 Type: Bearer token

Token: customer token

(plus) Mark notification as important/unimportant

“customerId”:”customer id”,

“notificationId”:”notification id”,

“status”: 1


 Type: Bearer token

Token: customer token

(warning) Note: To mark notification as important please set the status in body with 1, and mark notification as unimportant please set status with 0

(plus) Delete Notifications

“customerId”:”customer id”,



 Type: Bearer token

Token: customer token

(warning) Note:  For the NOTIFICATION-ID in the body  

To delete one or multiple notifications, pass a string of notification ids separated by commas.

To delete all notification please set NOTIFICATION-ID with "all"


Delete all notification: 

 Body: {




Delete multiple notification:






(plus) See popup when visiting the website.

(plus) View the notification box.

(plus) View customer’s Notification Page