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Affiliate for Magento 2 helps store owners create comprehensive affiliate programs for their products with flexible referral rules. The extension works effectively as a marketing solution that boosts sales and expands the market with less effort from your in-house team.


For Admin

For Customer


On the backend, go to Affiliate > Configurations.

On the Configurations page:

General Configuration

(plus) Enable Affiliate: choose Yes to activate the affiliate feature.

(plus) Auto Join Affiliate Program for New Customer:

(plus) Admin Approval for Affiliate Request: If Yes, the customer has to wait for the admin to approve the participant request to be able to join an affiliate program.

Commission Configuration


(plus) Add Commission When Order Obtained Status: decide the time to award the commission to the referer when the order is in the corresponding status.

(warning) Note: This configuration field is not applied to the affiliate program for leads. In the "Pay Per Lead" program, the referrer will receive a commission when the purchase orders of the referred leads meet the conditions set in the configuration for the Pay Per Lead program. And the status of these orders is Completed.

(plus) Commission Holding Period (Days): enter the number of days that the commission is held before being added to the referer balance.

(plus) Subtract Commission When Creditmemo is Created: if choose Yes, it will subtract the commission from the referrer account balance when there is a refund for the purchase of the referred. (The amount to be deducted will be equal to the commission received from the respective order)

Withdrawal Configuration

Policy Configuration

Manage Affiliate Program

(warning) Note: Admin can create up to 4 programs.

(plus) On the Admin site, go to Affiliate > Program.

(plus) To create an affiliate program, on the Affiliate Program page, click on Create Program button.

(plus) On the Create Program page: select the type for the new program. There are four default options: Pay Per Lead,  Pay Per Sale, Pay Per Discount, and Pay Per Click.

(star) Pay Per Lead: in this program, the referrer will receive the commission for each account created in the store with their own unique code.

(star) Pay Per Sale: In this program. the referrer and referred account are connected by the Unique Code given by the referred. The referrer will receive a commission from the purchase of the referred.

(star) Pay Per Discount: In this program, the referred makes a purchase with Referral Coupon given by the referrer to receive a discount for the order. Then a commission is added to the referrer's balance as well.

(star) Pay Per Click: In this program, the referrer will receive the commission for each click from the referred on the affiliate link.


Manage Campaign

(plus) On the Admin sidebar, go to Affiliate > Campaign.

(plus) On Campaign Page

Campain Information

Enter the main information for the campaign including name, status, description, and the period that the campaign set as new.


In this section, you can see the banners currently assigned to this campaign.

Manage Banner

For each campaign, the admin can create a banner for it so that the merchants who participate in the campaign can put the banner on their store.

Manage Account

Admin can manage and approve the participant request of the customer.

(plus) On the Admin sidebar, go to Affiliate > Account.

(plus) On the Affiliate Account listing page, the admin can view the affiliate participant and approve the request for the new participants.

Manage the withdraw

(plus) On the Admin sidebar, go to Affiliate > Withdraw.

(plus) On the Withdraw Listing page, the admin can view, approve, or decline all the withdrawal requests.

Manage Transactions

On the frontend

After joining the Affiliate program, the customer can get their own codes for referring to the Promotion Materials session.

(plus) Referral Link & Code

(plus) Customers can view the affiliate programs.

(plus) Transactions and Account Statistics

(plus)  Customers can see the list of accounts they have introduced in the lead tab.

(plus) Withdraw:

(plus) Policy



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