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On the Configurations page:

General Configuration

(plus) Enable Affiliate: choose Yes to activate the affiliate feature.

(plus) Auto Join Affiliate Program for New Customer:

  • If Yes: Customers will automatically join the affiliate program when registering for a new account on the store website.
  • If No: Customers need to join the affiliate manually on My Account page.
(plus) Admin Approval for Affiliate Request: If Yes, the customer has to wait for the admin to approve the participant request to be able to join an affiliate program.


(plus) Subtract Commission When Creditmemo is Created: if choose Yes, it will subtract the commission from the referrer account balance when there is a refund for the purchase of the referred. (The amount to be deducted will be equal to the commission received from the respective order)

Withdrawal Configuration

  • Set the Withdraw value on Minimum Withdrawal AmountMaximum Withdrawal Amount.
  • Withdraw Fee: If choose Yes, the customer will be charged the withdrawal fee.
  • Fee Type: Withdrawal calculation type. There are 2 types: By Percent and Fixed Amount.
  • Then set the Withdraw value on Fee Value.

Policy Configuration

  • Policy Block: Select the block that will be the policy of the affiliate program.


(plus) On the Admin sidebar, go to Affiliate > Campaign.

(plus) On Campaign Page

Campain Information

Enter the main information for the campaign including name, status, description, and the period that the campaign set as new.


In this section, you can see the banners currently assigned to this campaign.

Manage Banner

For each campaign, the admin can create a banner for it so that the merchants who participate in the campaign can put the banner on their store.